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Dec 14, 2014
Duration: 56:09
This message's title is only one word "Prayer". John Wesley said, "God does nothing, but in answer to prayer". Prayer provides us the access to the power of the God of the entire universe. God the Father loves us. He wants to save us, heal us, deliver us, and one of the privileges we have is to talk to God. We call this prayer. We have an open invitation to talk to God in prayer at any time, anywhere. God tells us in Hebrews 4:16 "let us then approach Gods throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and grace to help us in our time of need". What an incredible invitation from God! We are never helpless when we have access to the Lord in prayer. We invite you to strengthen your faith by releasing God's power in your prayers.
Nov 23, 2014
Duration: 59:21
This message is all about miracles. Some of you are skeptics, not believing miracles exist. I would like to address some of the questions concerning the reality of miracles. Maybe that doesn't seem important to you . Not until something happens in life that is overwhelming. Maybe the Dr tells you that you have an incurable disease. Or maybe your marriage is in trouble. Possibly your children or grandchildren are in a difficult place with no where to turn for an answer. Those are the things that demand our attention and cause us fear. It is then that we ask the question, "Can God do a miracle"? I would like to tell you how I know God performs miracles. Do you wonder just what a miracle is, and how we can receive one? I would like to have the chance to chip away at this skepticism and describe our God who loves us intensely and help you realize that God is still the God of miracles.
Let the Blessings Flow, Part 2
Nov 16, 2014
Pastor Lloyd continues his series on, "Let the Blessings Flow". DNA is the foundation of our natural bodies and our spiritual lives. We have a unique identity in the spirit realm from our spiritual DNA. And just as surely as there are laws that govern the natural realm, such as gravity, there are also laws that govern the spirit realm. We often do not realize how these spiritual laws are effecting our lives. Understanding these laws and rules can result in either blessings or curses flowing in our lives and the lives of those in our family. It is much easier to discover these rules and laws by instruction, rather than having to find out through trial and error. Many of the influences in our lives come through ancestral issues we are exposed to that are part of the imprint of our spiritual DNA. We get to choose the direction of our lives and our family's lives through the choices we make.
Let the Blessings Flow
Nov 09, 2014
This message is about blessings. Every individual and every family needs to hear about how to have a blessed family. In recent months I have gotten new revelation from the Word of God about ancestral blessings and curses. I have spoken about this topic in the past but at this time,I feel God is revealing the depth and breadth of this important topic as we move into the end times.There are two streams flowing into every persons life. One is flowing with curses that end up like a toxic waste dump. The other flowing with blessings, like a gold mine sitting there waiting to be mined.Our whole job in life is to clean up the waste dump and mine the gold that God has placed in such abundance. We can then learn to lift our horizons to live from generation to generation in His blessings. How do we do that?
Unmasking the Biblical Jesus
Nov 02, 2014
Duration: 52:35
"Will the real Jesus, please stand up".In our current world we hear so many versions of who Jesus is, that it makes it hard to discern the real one. We need to unmask the Bblical Jesus and allow the Bible to show us who He really is. His power and strength and also His serenity.Many people believe that Jesus spent his life in Jerusalem when the truth is that the majority of His ministry was around the Sea of Galilee. While we were in Israel, we took a boat ride on the Sea, that was both serene and beautiful. But just like that, in a moment a tempest arose. Much like in our lives, we can easily find ourselves in the storms of life. Only Jesus has the power and peace to give us calm seas. If you feel the stress of this world in your life, come to Mt Rock and hear about the Biblical Jesus who can calm the storms and give you serenity. Take a trip with us along the sea of Galilee to meet the Biblical Jesus.
Ready, Set, GO!
Oct 26, 2014
Duration: 1:00:19
Pastor Tim discusses the Great Commission
Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Part 2
Sep 28, 2014
We continue our series on Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Part 1
Sep 21, 2014
Our goal for this series is very simple. Just to introduce people to the person of the Holy Spirit. Everyone knows we are in a perilous world and many people are feeling uneasy in our present day. There are so many pressures and problems that we face, but God has not left us comfortless. He has sent the Holy Spirit to draw alongside us, to be our Advocate and Friend, to comfort and guide us in our times of trouble. Who wouldn't want to know HIM!!! After all, God said, when Jesus was born, He was God with us. Now that has been fulfilled by the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Blood and the Cross
Sep 14, 2014
Duration: 1:06:14
There are two specific areas of power available to all Christians. One is the blood of Jesus Christ, that can cleanse us when we sin, and the other is the cross that has broken the yolk and relieves us of the wages of sin. On occasion Christians remind me of the line in a commercial that says "I've fallen and I can't get up", when the truth is God has supplied all the power we need to stand up and live victorious and successful lives. Listen to this message and learn to tap into that power.
Home Sweet Home
Aug 31, 2014
Duration: 52:22
Pastor Tim Garman teaches from 2 Corinthians in, “Home Sweet Home”
Families First, Part 2: Leave, Cleave, and Become One Flesh
Aug 24, 2014
Our theme for last week at Mt Rock was Family First. We will continue this topic this week, with the important principles that God has put in His Word for a successful family. There are times when circumstances do not work out successfully, that could end the family with a divorce. Jesus has some clear things to say about those times and the restoration He wants to bring to hearts. We all know that at times family can be challenging. God clearly gives us direction, to the place of peace and contentment, He has provided for us, even when things do not go well.I love the words of James MacDonald, "Jesus' blood, like Noah's flood" can restore our families and bring peace even into the storm.
Family First: Horizontal Priorities
Aug 17, 2014
Duration: 54:34
Scripture instructs us to put God first. God also tells us in scripture that we should love Him with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. That's the vertical priority. The horizontal priority is putting family first. So many of us have failed at this. But God is a loving God who wants to bring our families back together and heal our hearts. So often we have broken families and broken dreams. Our God, through the blood of His Son, Jesus, desires to reconcile us and put our families back together and also heal our hearts. Come to Mt Rock and allow God to show you His plan for the family and how He can change your life, marriage,and family.
Generational Streams
Aug 10, 2014
I heard James MacDonald say, "Jesus' blood, like Noah's flood", can bring healing and help into our families. Everyone of us has a different experience with family. Some people have come out of great and loving families, others have come from broken families. My observation has been that there is no perfect family.If Jesus only saved us from our sins, and did nothing else, it would still be wonderful. But the real truth is that He has done so much more!!! So many Christians stop at salvation and do not realize that God has provided so much more on our behalf. With God's grace we can see our lives and families transformed by making Jesus known.Listen to this message and find out how deep God's grace really is for you.
Mountain Moving Faith - Pleasing God
Aug 03, 2014
Duration: 54:30
Do you want faith that can move mountains? Listen to this message to discover how.
How to use Your Authority to be Free
Jul 27, 2014
Duration: 1:03:11
Pastor Lloyd explains how we have authority, through Christ, to be free
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