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One-ly God and No Other
Jul 20, 2014
Duration: 54:17
Our friend Bishop Samson, from India, sort of made up his own word, "one-ly". It seems to me that it really is a great combination of two words. One and only. The truth is there is only one God and He is one and only. He sent His Son Jesus to die on Calvary. So He is the One-ly God, like the words convey. There is only "one-ly" way to salvation, "one-ly" way to get to heaven. The hard truth is, with God there is only "one-ly" way to obedience. God has provided the "one-ly" way for us to have freedom and to live our lives in joy and victory.Listen this this message to find the "one-ly" way to peace and joy and healing for our lives, our marriages and our homes.
Jul 13, 2014
Pastor Lloyd teaches on Restoration
A Voice Crying in the Wilderness
Jul 06, 2014
We hear the phrase, "I'm proud to be an American", but what do we know about America. Who were our founding fathers. What were they like. What was their relationship to God. Is America really the shining city on a hill? And are we exceptional. These are all questions that we need to answer for ourselves. If we don't soon answer them it may be too late.Listen to this message to learn about the origins of America and how we came to be who we are today, and how that's important to knowing who we will be tomorrow. This is not only important for us, but for our children and grandchildren and for the generations to come.
Jun 29, 2014
Duration: 57:22
What is First in your life and WHY it matters
How Not To Bottom Out In Life
Jun 22, 2014
People in the Western World are sometimes uncomfortable with a move of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, and in fact, IS God. He wants to teach us and comfort us and draw along side us, so that we are never alone as we walk through this world.We sometimes feel that we are not worthy of the Holy Spirit's presence in our lives, but the facts are that God wants us and has provided, the Holy Spirit's presence for each of us.If you struggle with sin, habits or hurts, you don't need to go and clean up first, for the Holy Spirit to come. As a matter of fact, you don't have power over those things without the Holy Spirit's help. The Holy Spirit is waiting for an invitation from you, to receive Him and to experience the victory He brings into our lives.We invite you to listen to this message so you can remove the myths and be provided with Biblical confirmation of the Spirit's willingness to give you victory.
Where are the Fathers?
Jun 15, 2014
Duration: 1:00:06
Where are the Fathers? Our society suffers from Fatherlessness; all the way up to the President. Come here God's perfect plan for Fatherhood. It will cure what ails you!
Jun 08, 2014
Everybody loves to receive a gift. It brings pleasure to the giver and receiver. Can you imagine receiving a gift from the Heavenly Father? How much He loves you, it brings Him so much pleasure to give you a perfect gift! He is prepared to have you receive His Gift waiting for you. The book of Acts tells us that God the Father has given us the gift of the Holy Spirit.If you are interested in understanding how to receive that gift, This message is for you. We welcome everyone to hear how to receive this free and wonderful gift from our Father!Remember, God the Father is waiting to give you this Gift!
Jun 01, 2014
Duration: 2:05:53
Our dear Bishop Samson from India, again preaches at Mt Rock Church today. He shared his prophetic and healing gifts with us and his spiritual insights from God. Bishop Samson has a close walk with God .
May 25, 2014
Duration: 1:06:53
Our dear Bishop Samson is in Shippensburg from India and leads this mornings service. What an exciting message God has put upon his heart for us.
The Quiet Kingdom
May 18, 2014
Duration: 51:59
We continue talking about God's Kingdom, the Quiet Kingdom for now. There are many kingdoms around us and we are given a free will to choose God's Kingdom or any other kingdom. The time will come when the other kingdoms will fall and there will only be one left, and that is God's Kingdom.There will come a day when every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the One and only Lord, of the one and only Kingdom.Maybe you want to know how to be part of that one and only Kingdom? This message will give you direction, and show you how to benefit from God's Kingdom now.
The Spiritual Laws of Sowing and Reaping
May 11, 2014
Duration: 51:59
Pastor Lloyd teaches the "Spiritual Laws of Sowing and Reaping"
Te Gospel of Belief
Apr 27, 2014
Pastor Lloyd on "The Gospel of Belief"
The God of The Resurrection
Apr 20, 2014
Pastor Lloyd teaches the significance of Easter
Look What Jesus Did!
Apr 13, 2014
Duration: 44:53
On this Palm Sunday, Pastor Lloyd teaches, "Look What Jesus Did!"
Confidence in the Word
Apr 06, 2014
Pastor Lloyd teaches how we can have "Confidence in the Word"
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