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Sun, Aug 16, 2015

"Normal" Christianity, Part 1

"Normal" has different meanings for different situations. Take Christianity for instance. Some would consider it "normal" Christianity to have prayed a prayer and receive Christ as savior and then do nothing other than go to church on Sunday and listen to a brief sermon and then live like the world the rest of the week. The Bible only mentions Jesus' title as Savior a few times, but He calls Himself LORD. Jesus doesn't expect to just be our Savior, He expects to be our Lord. He makes statements like "If you love me, keep my commandments", so our Lord expects us to have a relationship and obey. The Bible tells us to be in His Word literally day and night if we are going to be successful in all that we do. We should be people who have a secret life with God, where we fellowship with Him on an intimate basis regularly. That is what the Bible teaches is "Normal" Christianity. A spirit filled love life between us and the Lord Jesus. Over the next two weeks we will be discussing what "Normal" Christianity is according to the Bible. Come worship with us and learn how to be a "Normal" Christian.
Duration:56 mins 29 secs
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